Instand® is the hardest working, highest impact investment you'll ever make. Our industry leading 10' pop-up trade show display adapts to grow right along with you to deliver a life-long return on your investment. This design comes complete with dimensional signage, a monitor and keyboard that all mount directly to the frame.



1-10' IN Classic Graphic System in Rolluxe & FlatPack Cases (Neptune)

1- Classic Monitor Mount Kit - Front, Concave

1- Classic Keyboard Shelf Kit - Front, Concave

1- Classic Backlit Profile Header Mount Kit - Front, Concave6- Brushed Aluminum Standoff: 2"

1- Multi Graphic Standoff Mount

1- Instand Classic Bracket - Front, Concave

3- Frosted Plexi 1 Side (1/4")3- Inkjet Print - Rigid Detachable, Opaque



3.7' D x 9.7' W x 7.9' H



10' Instand Enhancement Curved Pop up (DL9093N)