We at Nomadic have combined two of the most popular products in the trade show industry: our famous Instand® Plus pop-up system and SEG fabric graphics. Combined we are bringing you the best frame with the highest quality fabric graphics you will find in a new system called SPlus. This display has the ability to be single-sided, double-sided and with or without endcaps. Existing Instand® Plus frames can be modified to accept our new SEG struts, so be sure to ask us about that today.


Kit Includes:
1 - 3x1 Splus Frame
4 - Three Quad High SEG Strut
2 - One Quad High SEG Strut
1 - Dye Sub SPlus 31 SEG Panel
1 - Rolluxe Case



1.2' D x 3' W x 7.9' H


Approximate Weights:

Max Loaded: 73 lb

DIM: 55 lb



1 - Rolluxe Case - 41.75" x 16" x 16"

3' Splus Single Sided Exhibit with Endcaps in Rolluxe (AB0546N)