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54" FabLite Pillowcase Tablet Stand (AB0545N)

Our FabLite Adjustable Tablet Stand comes with a lockable mount that keeps your tablet secured to our stand. The mount can be adjust to display vertically or horizontally and can work with any tablet device. The stand itself is portable and lightweight, with a pillowcase graphic for branding.

Kit Includes
1-Tablet Locking Mount - Adjustable
1-FabLite Tablet Stand Base
1-Dye Sub FabLite Tablet Stand Double Sided Pillowcase with Blockout Liner
1-FabLite Tablet Stand Frame

*Tablet Device not included.

54" FabLite Pillowcase Tablet Stand (AB0545N)

SKU: AB0545N
  • (1) Tubular 30mil Tablet Stand Frame
    (1) Tablet Locking Mount - Adjustable
    (1) Thermoform Stand Base
    (1) Pillowcase Dye Sub Graphic, Double-Sided
    (1) Liner
    (1) Artwork Review Fee
    (1) Shipping Carton
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